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Will Backup Exec work with DD3300 Data Domain and deduplication?

Level 2

Tried to edit old post and it was marked as SPAM. :(

I've made some progress and can now backup some VMs.

Local server backups are very slow at around 400MB a minute.

Now that I added the vCenter server I'm getting around 6000MB a minute and that sounds about max for 1GB lan.
I installed the Dell OST and that is how I was able to add the Dell DD3300 as a storage device but I thought I’d see faster speeds and smaller backups after the first one with DDBoost and deduplication.

With disk base storage there is a deduplication option but not with the OpenStorage option used to add the DD3300 Data Domain.


Level 2

I tried my first full backup and there were errors regarding the VM that is running the Backup Exec. So clone it so you can have a backup of it?

There was also an error with the vCenter VM and GRT and I’m guessing that the Granular Recovery Technology only works with a Windows OS?

I also see there is a Deduplication Ration column on the Job History page and it’s empty.

It’s odd that the only option with the Dell DD3300 being added through OpenStorage is “Back Up to Deduplication Disk Storage” but it don’t seem to work.