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Will a job fail if media needs to be inserted for too long?

Hello all,

We use SCOM 2007 and various versions of Backup Exec on our servers. SCOM will take the events from the application log like job failures and media insert, etc... and turn them into alerts our NOC can respond to. The problem currently for us is media insert isn't really something we want an alert for anymore.

My question: if Backup Exec has a media insert alert, and it sits for too long, will the job eventually fail? If not, is there a way for it to fail? If it could fail, we'd get an alert for job failure and we like that a bit more as job failures are alerts we'd like to keep in SCOM. I know you can have Backup Exec respond with a job cancelled alert but I'm really wondering about getting it to raise a job failed alert.



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If you don't respond to the

If you don't respond to the alert in time the job will remain in queued status and eventually it

will fail with the backup window closed error.


Hello Xoomis,

Yes. When the job requires the tape and if the tape is not inserted and the Alert is not responsded then eventually the job will fail. Usually its seen that the Backup Exec Job Engine crashes (terminates) when the tape is not provided for a long time.

But there is no fix time like after how much time the job will fail.





I need to know if a job

I need to know if a job fails, but if nobody knows how long it takes before it fails that makes this pretty difficult. Does anyone have a copy of the actual text in the event you'll see if this happens?

What I'm looking at doing now is having a job get cancelled by the system after an hour and then picking up the job cancellation event and raising an alert that way. At least we'll know if a job was cancelled.


You can use the parameter

You can use the parameter below in the job properties, but note that if your job takes too long it would also be canceled.  In this example, regardless of whether the job is running or not, it will be cancelled.