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Will you be able to recover after your journey to the cloud?

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You are on a journey. That journey might be technology, platform, or application-based but ultimately the purpose of your journey is to improve the capability your business has to better manage, and derive value from, its data. Whether your journey is focused on physical infrastructure, virtualized servers, cloud-hosted servers and storage, or any combination of the three, you will certainly want to know that your organization’s information is protected and recoverable wherever and whenever required.

In a recent Spiceworks survey commissioned by Veritas:

  • 48% of respondents reported that they are already making use of cloud
  • An additional 30% of respondents expect to be using cloud within the next three years
  • Backup and Recovery is the number one use case for cloud


Whilst some organizations are considering moving all data to the cloud there are also many which find themselves constrained by rules, regulations and perceived barriers. The breadth of support for both public and managed cloud platforms provided by Backup Exec 16 enables you to make the right choice for your business selecting from:IMG_8969.JPG

  • Public cloud connectors for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Services and Quantum
  • S3 cloud storage connectors for Cloudian HyperStore and any S3-compatible hybrid cloud storage
  • Managed cloud services delivered through the Veritas Partner Community

The combination of local infrastructure with off-site duplication of data delivered as a managed or hosted service provides a highly cost-effective and reliable solution, whether your partner owns their own storage or leverages the public cloud themselves. Not only can this type of offering allay concerns around geographic location of secondary copies of data, it also drives productivity by allowing organizations to focus more time on core business objectives, leveraging the skills that a partner can provide in implementation and day-to-day management. The opportunity to extend this thinking to hosted disaster recovery and business continuity services starts to offer business-changing potential in the event of failure. A powerful, flexible, trusted business. Not  just backup.

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