Windows 2012 & GRT

All, we recently built a new Backup Exec 2014 environment that consists of 1 CAS(2008 vm) and 2 Media Servers( 2008 physical with local attatched dedup storage). All backup and restore jobs are managed/delegated from the CAS.

When backing up a windows 2012 system (any version), during the updating of the catalog, the media server that is processing the backup generates a "system structure on disk is corrupt" event error. This only occurs if the backup job has GRT enabled and will generate each time a windows 2012 system is backed up. The error goes away with GRT disabled. Running checkdisk scans on the system drives confirmed no corruption. Something is going wrong during cataloging of systems and I am not sure why. Any help would be appreciated.

Event ID.jpgGRT settings.jpg

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Please refer this Technote

Please refer this Technote :