Windows Agent installation and port

I am upgrading CAS and MMS and Windows agent from BE2010 to BE2014

I uninstalled completedly/reinstalled BE 2014 on MMS

Now CAS is of 14.1 1786.1103

MMS is of 14.1 1786.1093

Upgrade the Windows agent only when I created the backup job on CAS. Found the version of the file vxmon.exe is of same version 14.1 1786.1093 with MMS , instead of CAS.

Does it mean, even I pushed the Windows agent from CAS server, it is actually pushed from MMS? So if I need to enable firewall port for remote agent, I should open port 10000 of MMS and Windows agent? No need to open port 10000 for CAS ?


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Would you please help to

Would you please help to advise?


If you push installed from

If you push installed from the CASO, then the agent would have been installed from the CASO and not any other server.

Many updates are often only for the media server and not for the remote agent.

14.1 1786.1103 is BE 2014 SP2 + HF 227745

14.1 1786.1093 is BE 2014 SP2

In your case, the MMS isn't updated with HF 227745.




When you push install the

When you push install the agent from the CAS the agent would be pushed from CAS itself and not fromt eh MMS.The Port needs to be open on the Both CAS and MMS server.



In my case, I will create job

In my case, I will create job and manage the job on CAS server. What's the difference to "add server" in MMS before creating the job in CAS,  and push the agent from CAS when create the job in CAS ?

And if to open port 10000 for CAS and MMS is enough?  Thanks


"Add Server" adds the server

"Add Server" adds the server resource to the Backup & Restore tab and push installs the Remote Agent if selected. And when you choose Add Server in MMS, the server will get added to the Backup & Restore tab of the MMS and the server will also advertise to the MMS.

Whereas pushing the agent from CASO will make the server advertise and trust only to the CASO.

For a backup job, just port 10000 is not sufficient. This port will be used for the initial "control" connection , but for actual data transfer, you will need more ports.

Have a look @ these KBs for the ports -