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Windows Agents on servers that had a domain change

We HAD two domains until recently, the Backup Exec servers sits in "domain A", along with several servers that have Windows Agents.  In "domain b" are other servers that have Windows Agents installed.  We have done away with "domain b" and have moved those servers into "domain a".  In the BUE2014 console, under Backup and Restore, I see the servers that were moved still listed as "server.domainb".  Is there a way without an agent removal and reinstall to get those servers to be recognized as being in their new domain?  The server names and IP addresses haven't changed, just their domain membership.  Thanks!

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Re: Windows Agents on servers that had a domain change

There are a few parts to this proble

1) The existing backup sets (for restore purposes) will be stuck with teh old domain domain and have to shwo an object to be displayed against which wil also have that domain name. I belove BE 2014 introduced the Retired Servce group which is design to handle such a situation as it allows a server not to be listed in the main groupimgs, but still be found if you need to do a restore.

2) So once you acceptt that you may have to 'hide' the old server/domain reference,because of the old backup sets you will then need a server object for the new reference and to create new jobs for it, (and re-setup the agent trusts etc. You should not have to re-install the agent as you can do the reconfiguration using the Agney Utility (VxMon.exe) on each server.