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Windows Cluster Backup Solution

Hi All,

We have Implimented SAP ECC 6.0 with IBM DB2. Our production servers are on Cluster (Windows 2008R2).

we are looking Symantec Backup product which will take the backup and and restore it on Clusters within minimum time span.



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Not Backup Exec - it is not

Not Backup Exec - it is not the cluster that is the issue it is SAP on DB2 that is not supported by BE


SAP and BB2 as separate entities are alos not supported by the latest BE version:


I am not an expert but NetBackup may be able to do it although you should ask in the correct forum for NetBackup.







Thanks For reply, Which

Thanks For reply,

Which product will help me ? to catch System images for Clusters... using that product I may restore individual or full Image backup


If you are looking for

If you are looking for image-based backups, take a look at SSR (Symantec System Recovery).  There is a separate SSR forum and you can post your questions there.