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Windows Server 2012 Backup Agent for BE 2010 R3?

Hi Everyone -

With Windows Server 2012 coming sometime within the next 6 months, we are curious if Backup Exec 2010 R3 will receive agent support for it.  One of our smaller internal customers has a perfectly-functioning Backup Exec 12.5 setup and recently we've been considering moving to BE 2012.  With all of the negative response it has received, we are hesitant to pull the trigger and may just make the move to 2010 R3.  However, if 2010 R3 will never get a Server 2012 agent, we may just have to bite the bullet and suffer through the 2012 transition.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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Hi,   Best to log a call, but



Best to log a call, but I have hit the support flag in the back when you get an answer!


At this current time any

At this current time any plans would be purely for the current product version (BE 2012) and I doubt that logging a support call would give any significantly different answer.

We don't normally support newer operating systems in anything but the current and future versions of BE as such usual practice would not include any older versions (so in this case 2010 R3 and earlier). It is possible that we would do some kind of interim release (a 2012  R2 revision perhaps) against Windows 2012 to add specific support for that operating system.


You could submit it as an Idea using Create Content Ideas at the top of the forum page - and then other customers can vote for it as well, however I doubt we will be ableto commit development hours for supporting a completely new operatuing system against the older version of BE.

Hi Colin - Thanks for the

Hi Colin -

Thanks for the reply -- I appreciate it.

I guess at this point, we'll just hold off until official Server 2012 support is announced.  With the plethora of negativity surrounding BE 2012, we are extremley hesitant to go that route given what we have now works like a champ. 

Again, thank you.


Any recent update on this ?

Any recent update on this ?

...please rather send the OP

...please rather send the OP a PM. This link has been dead for a while!