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Working Set backs up everything

I am testing version 10 with 6 Netware agents and would like to use the "Working Set" backup method, to backup things changed today.

The backup does complete, but it backs up everything, not just what was changed.

Ein B.
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Re: Working Set backs up everything

Did you verify in the catalogs that files were backed up? If you run the Working Set backup for all files modified changed today, all FOLDERS will be backed up as part of the structure, but if you look in the folders most are empty except for files created or modified today.

Double check that, I just ran a quick check and mine works fine, but it looks like it backs up everythign since the catalogs show all the folders and subfolders.

Re: Working Set backs up everything


Thank you for posting your query.

Working set will backup all the data from last Full backup or last Incremental backup.

Please refer to the following technote :

Also check the catalog information as mentioned by earlier post.

We hope this information helps, if you have any other questions please respond to the post and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

Re: Working Set backs up everything


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Re: Working Set backs up everything

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