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Wrong SQL Server associated with my license key...


I installed a license key in order to be able to back up my SQL Server... however, it seems like that license key got associated with the MSDE software running on the BackupExec Server, because I can't select my databases for backup, but I can select things on the MSDE Server running on the Backup Exec Server...

What should I do to be able to backup my SQL databases ??

Thank you..!
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Re: Wrong SQL Server associated with my license key...

Thank you for submitting this support query. Please follow the steps given below to isolate the issue:

1. Enable Restrict Anonymous support on both SQL server and backup server.

Although, enabling the above option helps in troubleshooting Exchange issue, it has been seen that this is helpful in resolving the communication issues.

2. Create a new account on the server which holds the SQL database. Make this account a member of Local Administrator group. Also, make this account a member of Domain admin group. Provide this account with DB owner rights on the SQL server.

3. Create a new Backup Exec logon account with the same username and password.

4. Perform a backup and observe the results.

Hope, this should resolve the issue.

Re: Wrong SQL Server associated with my license key...

Assuming the solution provided is correct. Also, there is no response from the customer within 2 days from the last reply by Veritas