access to device not authorized

 Hi all,

Wonder if you can help with this ?? - error message "Access to the Device is not authorised with this edition of the product"

It is a fully licensed veritas BE 9 v4454 install. With 10 CAL's

Due to a couple of problems out of my control I have had to backup a few win2kpro machines (not servers) this has meant that I have had to install the client agent on them using rant32 from the command line - and then also add them to my user defined selections (UNC PATHS) in Backup Exec

Do these various workstations count as servers as far as the CAL's for the remote agent are concerned ???

IF SO .... is there anyway to backup a PC without using the remote agent or is there a remote agent specifically for a PC and not a server ? i.e. does not take a CAL (I thought that this was included with the backup exec v9)

Cheers all - any help appreciated
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Stefan.s, Uncheck backing up


Uncheck backing up the MSDE database of the local server and you won't get the error again - you are just not licensed for backup using the SQL agent.

You only need a CAL for a server operating system, ie. Windows 2000, NT4, 2003, Netware etc.
You don't need a CAL for NT4 workstation, XP, 2000 Pro - but these all use the "server" remote agent to back them up.
Win9x, MAC and UNIX have their own agents as well, and these do not need to be licensed.


 Hi Brian, Many thanks for

 Hi Brian,
Many thanks for the reply.
I cannot find the option to "Uncheck backing up the MSDE database of the local server"
I have looked under tools -  options and preferences for the jobs already created.

Stefan, you need to unselect


you need to unselect in the backup selections, the MSDE(SQL) database - there is no option, just a selection available for backup.


...or check the text version

...or check the text version of your backup selection list and edit it out there...