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added more slots to library but BE11d doesn't see them yet

Level 2
What do I need to do?

Level 6
Does NTBackup see the new slots?
You don't mention the loader type/model.  Is there a setup option you need to enable on the library itself to enable the new slots?

Level 2
It's a Dell Powervault 124T Autoloader.  I added the additional magazine and enabled it in the autoloader's management console, but Backup Exec still sees only 8 slots instead of 16.

Level 6
Does NTBackup see all 16 slots?
if so, it may  be worth deleting and re-adding the library now that it is setup for the 16 slots

Level 2
Deleting and readding was a little rough, but that worked.  Thanks.

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Did you power cycle the powervault 124T?  Resetting it remotely does not power cycle the drive.   This worked w/o any need for Backup Exec (11d sp1) reconfiguration- win 2k3 64b, direct attached scsi, lto.

Install an additional (right) magazine in PV124t
Change the enabled magazines from Left to Both in the autoloader configuration.
Power off the pv124t. (should be prompted)
Power off media server
Power on pv124t
Wait until "Ready"  appears on lcd (initialization takes 3-4 minutes)
Power on media server.
Open BuE and all 16 slots should appear.