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backup exec 12.5 connection with server failed. Hit F5 to retry error

I am having this problem on a Windows 2008 std x64 server.  The software will install fine on a different server.  I had  a coworker install on this server with the same error.  I have checked these items:

  • Authenticate as any user and gain access to resources under any user identity OR "Act as a part of Operating System"
  • Create a token object, which can then be used to access any local resources
  • Log on as a service
  • Administrative rights (provides complete and unrestricted rights to the computer)
  • Backup operator rights (by default includes Logon Locally, Back up Files and Directories, Restore Files and Directories, etc. Refer to Microsoft Documentation for a listing of all rights that the Backup Operator Group has by default.)
  • Manage auditing and security log
Any suggestions?

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First thing you want to do is

First thing you want to do is make sure that the media server can communicate with the remote agent on the remote server.

1. Open a command prompt on the media server
2. type in "telnet REMOTESERVERNAME 10000" (without the quotes)
3. You should get a bunch of ascii characters if the connection is successful.

If you get a connection refused or it's unable to connect, check your firewall settings or if anything is blocking the port.

You can also check to make sure that the remote agent is listening.
Open a command prompt on the remote server
type netstat -a
Make sure that you see port 10000 as listening