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backup exec 16 - 3rd party virtual appliances, 4th party utilities (freeSSHd)

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The short question is: Will FreeSSHd interfere with Backup Exec if the former is installed on the media server?

It used to be easy to back up the database create by a 3rd party vendor's software, beause it ran on a Windows OS. Then they switched to a virtual appliance.

It doesn't make sense to back up the appliance, but I would like to back up the database. 

Unfortunately, that means setting up a separate SSH FTP to receive the backups.  The appliance won't even do the backups if the server isn't configured.  

IIS, of course, can't do SSH FTP; you need yet another vendor's SSH FTP solution.  The appliance vendor recommends FreeSSHd.

Usually I spin up a new OSE for a special workflow but it really seems like extreme overkill in this instance (and defeats the purpose of using the appliance).  

Since this SSH FTP is solely used for backup, the logical place to install it might be the Backup Exec media server.  But that has risks of its own; I wouldn't like to break existing backups. 

Does anyone have an experience of FreeSSHd breaking Backup Exec, or at least some advice that would indicate installing it on the media server is a Bad Idea?



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I can't see how it would unless it uses the same ports as Backup Exec. Not sure that BE even uses SSH as it is. You can also PM Colin Weaver and get his input as he's one of the Veritas technical guys on the forum. Thanks!

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As per CraigV - if there is a port conflict then it will cause issues , however as be does not directly use SSH or FTP there should not be (ubles sthis piece of sofwtare uses further ports (NDMP for instance)


Ther is another issue to consider - whether os not the transferred results can be snapshotted or are locked in some way. If they are lokced then you may not be able ot backup the results with BE afterwards (if that is your intention)


Finally I would not use the same volume for storage of the data transferred using this third party software as you use as a Backup to Disk or Deduplication Storage volume with BE itself as if you do you may run into complications/problems managing disk space