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I dont know if I just dont understand the technology or if something is configured wrong. I installed BE2010 with dedup and created a job on a deduplication folder with direct access. Kick off the test job and it runs fine. This backup is a full backup. I assumed that the dedup would know what was previously backed up so if I kick off another full backup it should only pull across the files that have not changed since it has direct access the deduplication should take place at the server being backed up. I assumed this would be a very short backup and take only a small amount of time but when i kick it off it backs up everything again and takes up the same amount of disk space and same amount of time and same amount of data is backed up. No errors it finishes successfully.

What is the deduplication doing for me? Any help much appreciated.  

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Other than the check box in

Other than the check box in the job itself, there is also something on the device view, where you add the host too to allow for direct access.  I cant remember the exact name used there in that window.  But the host has to be listed, for direct access to work.

But bring up the device wizard window, the one that let you add the dedupe storage folder, it's one of the choices in there.

I had similar issues until I

I had similar issues until I applied the hotfix (which for whatever reason no Symantec employee seems to know about) that I found in these forums AND I disabled compression.  Once I did these 2 things the deduplication worked better.

Hotfix: be2896r348518_x64bit_352217


C2, where did you disable the

C2, where did you disable the compression?  In the job settings, or in the pd.conf file?

Typically I turn on the compression in the pd.conf file for the agent to compress then dedupe the data on the client, before sending the data.  If done in the job settings, the data is deduped, then attempted to be compressed, but there is nothing to compress at that point.