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backup exec eDirectory OES 11 SP1

hi guys,


i've checked in SCL OES 11 SP1 is supported.


i have issue to backup eDirectory, can browse it in selection list but when backing up getting access denied, now i found in admin guide:

■ A local UNIX user name that is the equivalent of the admin-level eDirectory
user in the beoper group. Backup Exec does not support eDirectory users.

■ A Backup Exec logon account that contains the credentials for the equivalent
admin-level eDirectory user must exist before you can perform backup jobs
for eDirectory.


i don't get it....


what i have to do, if possible with pictures :catvery-happy: ?



thank you !

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Actually, if you look closely

Actually, if you look closely (, it states that OES 11 is supported (not SP1).

Also, the footnote against OES 11 says:

2. NSS volume support only