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backup exec server list

at a very basic level- how do devices show in symantec/veritas backup exec management console? Does the software inventory your network and report back on status, or when the servers are built are they equipped with an agent that is configured to report back to the backup exec server? Put another way - if you have servers in your domain that aren't showing in backup exec management console - why could that be?
 I am not an admin of the backup process myself but I am interested into what steps are taken when you build a new server to ensure its reporting to backup exec. 
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Re: backup exec server list

You manually add the servers into the list (which pushes an agent out) and then the agent software is queried to find out the local resources on the remote system.


Not sure if this is true for BE 2012 - but there is a mechanism (at least in the newer versions) to try and alert against servers that don't run backups which can query the network and most customers disable it.