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backup job is failing for the tape and giving error "hardware error"

Dear All,
I have Backup exec 2010, my whole backup & restore jobs are working fine with the B2D folder.

But when I take the backup to Tape, it gives the errors, "hardware error" or  " I / O Device errror ".

I have the new HP 1/8 G2 Autoloader with only one cartridge in it. Even i have moved this cartridge to another tape drive as well, but still the problem is same.
The deives & media configuration and settings are o.k. I even make an inventory, the inventory is successful. After the inventory the cartridge shifts to the scrath media. After this i take the backup it is successful. Then the Cartridge shifts to antoher media, " media set 1". When I take the backup again it is successful for two or three times.
But after two or three times It gives the error " hardware error" and " I / O device error ". I have tried too much but the problem is same.

Please gudie me is there any problem with the Autoloader, tape drive, cartridge, scsi cable, scsi controller card.
OR is it possible that I have to do something in Backup exec 2010 in order to solve the problem.
For your information I have check every thing in Backup exec 2010, but every thing is O.K.

Please guide me, waiting for the response.

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1>Right click on drive and go

1>Right click on drive and go to properties and click on statistics
2>Check if there is any read write error there.
3>read write errors might indicate the corruption of drive
4> Try the backup on some different tape to make sure tapes are not corrupt
5> Clean the drive with cleaning tape and try the backup again.
6>Check the System Event Log for Event ID 7, 9, 11 or 15. These errors indicate a hardware issue.You have to contact the
hardware vendor in that case.
7>If you are getting the above events then make sure you check the cables,scsi, if terminated properly
There is some troubleshooting needs to be done. Follow the points so we can isolate the issue:
1> Make sure you have Symantec drivers installed for tape drive. You can confirm the same in the device manager
2> Make sure RSM service is disabled
If above settings are alredy correct then check the drive part

yes getting the read write error

Dear Saaz,

Yes I am getting the read write errors.

For more information, there is only one Tape present in the Autoloader. May be I will be able to get more tapes in coming days till week or more than a week.

Please guide me, where I can get the Event Log for Event ID 7,9,11 or 15.

I have the latest Symantec drivers installed for tape drive. It is shown in the device manager.

RSM service is not present in my backup server, I tried to find it, but it is not present in services.

Thanks a lot for your guidance.
Waiting for your response.

Hello, http://support.microso

Stop all your BE services and

Stop all your BE services and run the HP LT&T Tool on the tape drive.  This will check whether the tape drive is functioning correctly.  Make sure that you do the full test.

RSM service is not present

Dear All,

Why RSM is not present in the backup exec server?

Is it necessasry to have the RSM service, if any one in the backup server has not this service, can it cause the problems?

Thanks for your replies.

RSM isn't present on Windows 2008

If it is missing from Windows 2003 then it could be a sign of a corrupted OS but shouldn't affect Backup Exec's ability to communicate to the drive.

The error message that you are getting is reported when there is a hardware fault. You either have a faulty tape drive, tape, controller, or faulty cables (or a combination of them all). Contacting HP technical support probably wouldn't be a bad plan of action at this time.

I would suggest what PKH suggested and running HP's L&TT - - make sure L&TT can write and read at least 100GB of data.

You could also run a SCSI trace and verif\y what hardware failure you are getting -

Let us know what you end up finding out.

Hi, HP StorageWorks 1/8 G2


HP StorageWorks 1/8 G2 says it seems like your drive has died. I have had a LOT of experience with these,and I am actually in the process of replacing them with HP StorageWorks MSL2024 G3 tape libraries.
For some reason, the drives on the G2 crash...and they crash regularily. pkh is correct, and his suggestion to download HP LTT will confirm any issues. From there you have to log the call with HP to replace under warranty, or buy a new drive. And out of warranty, the drives are expensive!
Inventorying won't be any guide...that just is when you write to the tape that it shows the error...


Thanks a lot for your all

My dear Friends,

Thanks a lot for you all for your support,

I will confirm you all about the whole details in few days.