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backup job stuck at \winnt\system32\wbem folder

Level 3
a few of my servers started getting this symptoms. the backup job runs but it gets stuck at some files with in \\WINNT\System32\wbem. It seems to get stuck at the same files for each server so I deselected the files one by one as it gets stuck. Af first, it was all .mof files. But it started getting stuck with .mfl files as well. I also get the error message stating that BE encountered corrput file in \\WINNT\System32\wbem\Repository. For now, to run and complete the backup jobs, I've deselected the entire \\WINNT\System32\wbem folder. But I don't like this solution. Is there any decent solution to this? and What is causing this problem??

Level 6
What kind of error do you get, that files are in use ? If so you will need the AOFO option to backup files that are in use.

A van der Boom

Level 6
Hello Selina,

Please refer to the following doc:

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