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backup log success but the folder is empty !!

I use V.10d on my win2003(32-bits) as backup
server(Srv-I) and then install the 64bits agent on my
Win2003 64bit platform(Srv-II).

I already applied the hotfix and did everything comply with

I try to backup one folder(has many files) from Srv-II ,It
seems everything were allright and the logs and report
toldme that backup success !! But when I try to restore the
folder , I found the backuped file was empty !! Only has one
folder and there was No Files ?

Any clue about this ?
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Re: backup log success but the folder is empty !!


Which hotfix have you applied? Does the problem occur only in case of the folder? Are you also backing up databases?
Try backing up some other folders and verify if the same issue persists. Make sure that you are using an account with admin rights during the backup.