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backup not progressing

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Hello, (This will be long....)

I haven't been able to find a solution for this in the KB... maybe somebody might have an idea.

We have recently installed 10d to backup our exchange server. BE is installed on one server and is backing up our excahnge server which is on an MS cluster and is EXCH2003.

Currently we are using the evaluation but we are in the process of purchasing a license... but in view of the problems we are having, I am starting to have some doubts.

We have BE remote agent installed on both cluster nodes and the BE EXCH. agent installed on the BE server.

The tape we are using is SDLT 110/220. Our servers are various HP proliant DL380s (G2 to G4).

The problem-

The backup may run nicely for a number of days, then suddenly it won't run... the job starts, but the byte count remains on zero for hours and only service termination can cancel the job. Restarting the server doesn't solve the problem. The first time this happened we downgraded the tape driver and the issue resolved itself, but now it's returned and I would like a more permanent solution.

I will be happy to provide further details if needed.

BTW, no info in the event viewer or BE logs that I can use. Also, we used to backup the exch. server in the same method with BE 8.6 - only dif. was that the exch. was 2000. We used the same backup server and the same tape and had no such issues.

Thanks for your help.


Level 6

1) First please check if your Device is compatible with the Backupexec 10 Version:

Backup Exec 10.0 for Windows Servers Standalone Drives Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)

Backup Exec 10.0 for Windows Servers Robotic Library Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) (includes tested drives)

If your Device is stated as Tested install the latest Veritas drivers.
IF your Device is stated as Compatible Install the OEM drivers.

2) Stop and deaktivate the Removable Storage Service of Windows.

3) Let us know under what account the services are running and what rights does this account have.


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