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backup virtual machine that installed SQL server

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Hi All

When I try to backup virtual machines image and config files I got the error message below.

The job completed successfully. However, the following conditions were encountered: Backup Exec has discovered Microsoft SQL Server on one or more virtual machines. You must install the Agent for Microsoft SQL Server on the Backup Exec server to configure the granular recovery of SQL data or truncate the SQL logs. The Agent for Microsoft SQL Server is licensed on a per SQL server basis.

There is MSSQL server installed on virtual machine that I'm backing up. May I know if I need SQL agent to be install on backup exec server if I'm backup up virtual machine with MSSQL server installed?


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The error message is confusing...

You need to install the Backup Exec Agent for Windows on the SQL VM. 

See the BE Admin Guide:

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If you do not need granular recovery of SQL data or truncating the SQL logs automatically during the VM backup, then you don't need to install a licence for the Applications and Databases Agent on the BE Server and you can ignore this warning message.