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bacup exec 2014 warning

hi, i face a problem on backup exec 2014 it is not acitrical problem,but i want to know the reason ,the backup exec alerts each day have warning about the test credential for Vcenter for the vmare that the automated credential test failed but when i go to test it manualy by test credential he gave me passed,where is the problem.



backup exec warning.png

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Re: bacup exec 2014 warning

If your backups run successfully then ignore the error.



the backup run

the backup run successfully,but some times new job failed when backup whole machine,i want to know if there is any relation between this warning and other problem, i want to know every think in system correctly if any one ask me about it in out company.

thank you for helping.


I know we did have an issue

I know we did have an issue where we could not perform the automated credential test against any system that had a System Reserved partition (or in fact any partition without a drive letter)


This was addressed in BE 15 FP2

It was documented in

which included a workaround for those customers that cannot yet upgrade

Note: at this current time looks like we may have an issue with our documentation publishing system as the above link will not work - I will be reporting this and in due course that above link should start working again (or I will revisit this thread and provide an update)


The broken link should now

The broken link should now work.