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How to deploy Backup Exec via the AWS Marketplace

How to deploy Veritas Backup Exec on AWS Marketplace.Veritas Backup Exec provides simple, rapid, and secure offsite backup to AWS for your in-house virtual and physical environments and protects cloud-based workloads in AWS. Veritas Backup Exec helps...

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How to deploy Backup Exec via the Azure Marketplace

How to deploy Veritas Backup Exec on Azure Marketplace.Veritas Backup Exec provides simple, rapid, and secure offsite backup to Azure for your on-premises environments and protects cloud-based workloads in Azure. Veritas Backup Exec helps customers r...

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Useful links for Upgrading Backup Exec

At its most basic, the upgrade procedure for Backup Exec is simply running installation media for the most recent version on an existing Backup Exec server. Backup Exec 15, 16 and 20 can be upgraded to Backup Exec 21 with this method. Article 1000443...

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rdmchugh by Level 1
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Tape media - partially overwrite (expired backups only) ???

Hi All,I’m trying to build backup & archiving strategy, to keep always N (3/4) last full backups on single tape.Just to explain concept using weekly full backup scenario:Week 1 – Media is empty. First backup gets written on the tape (1 backup in tota...

Den-Red by Level 1
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BE16 can't see VM in Windows 2016 cluster

I'm currently doing some testing in a lab for upgrading our backup exec infrastructure. My current situation is ; Upgraded BE 14 to BE 16, all is good and running fine on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64.I'm trying to backup somes Hyper-V VM located on a c...

AlexV by Level 3
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Resolved! Support for 2012 servers?

We have new Server 2012 R2 servers and had a question if any of our current versions of Backup Exec are fully supported.10.1 rev 562911.0 rev 623512.0 rev 136414.0 rev 179814.1 rev 1786Thanks!

nthnu by Level 5
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Backup Exec Dedup Store multi core or not?

I'm currently testing and documenting the process of upgrading our Backup exec infrastructure from version 14 to version 16.While reading - too much documentation - I've found in a PDF document ; Backup-Exec-Best-Practices-Guide.-v.4.0.pdf (page 7) t...

AlexV by Level 3
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[closed] Block level backup of encrypted VM

Hello,We have encrypted our VM thru the VM encryption module provided by VMWare since 6.5 version. As it is not supported by BE 16, we are doing now file level backup. Is there some news regarding an update of BE 16 that will allow block level backup...

Changing the IP of Disk Based Storage

Hi All, I am using Backup Exec 2012 , and I have recently purchased a backup appliance , so as per my configration I have create a SMB share on my appliance and backup exec is writing the data on the SMB share via Disk based storage unit . But now I ...

RohitNayal by Level 5
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Backup fileshare to file

I am fairly new to backup exec and need to know if the tool can backup files from mutilple shares to another local file location. My customer does not have a tape drive unit and does not want to buy one. So I need to know if backup exec can backup to...

jimsmi by Level 0
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BE 2010 running SQL 2005 - Upgrade SQL

Hi GuysIm running BE2010 on Win 2008 R2. BE installed SQL 2005.Is there a way to upgrade SQL 2005 to a newer version like 2014/2016 without breaking it? ThanksHein

Loskop by Level 2
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Remote update MMS

Hi, Customer would like to update his freshly CASO infra.Question is: is there a way to update the MMS from the Central Admin console? Cheers

Resolved! Backup exec license

I am buying BE 16 server. reseller tells me I need LEO option for tape drive. I have a Dell 114x dual tape unit. See's as two separate tape drives. So I believe support for this is inbuilt to serve lic and do not need the extra license. can you confi...

Resolved! Encryption on duplicate increase the size

Hello,I activated encryption (256 bits) on my duplicate backups and I noticed that the backups size have increased on the tapes.I'm not able anymore to backup all my jobs in one tape when the encryption is activated on them.Is there a way to calculat...

BEMCLI Agent Server report

I'm looking to get a small powershell script that will list out all the Agetn Servers that require an update/upgrade. In the BE16 console the icon is different to indicate that agent has an update pending on it. The Get-BEAgentServer doesn't seem to ...

Backup Exec install fails with SQL permission errors

I'm attempting to install Backup Exec 16 on Windows 2008 R2.  I'm getting the following SQL error message during the install.Cannot connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 with Backup Exec services account administrator. Do one of the following: - Speci...

Unable to edit credentials for disk based network storage

I tried to create a new disk based storage (a NAS on the network) but keep getting "The path appears to be an invalid path" error. I did some research and it appears to be related to logon. While troubleshooting, I changed the password for the accoun...