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Backup Exec 22 - Technical Preview Program now open for recruitment

We are currently recruiting customers who are interested in participating in the upcoming Backup Exec 22 Technical Preview Program. The Technical Preview Program for the upcoming release of Backup Exec contains some new features which continue to pos...

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How to deploy Backup Exec via the AWS Marketplace

How to deploy Veritas Backup Exec on AWS Marketplace.Veritas Backup Exec provides simple, rapid, and secure offsite backup to AWS for your in-house virtual and physical environments and protects cloud-based workloads in AWS. Veritas Backup Exec helps...

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How to deploy Backup Exec via the Azure Marketplace

How to deploy Veritas Backup Exec on Azure Marketplace.Veritas Backup Exec provides simple, rapid, and secure offsite backup to Azure for your on-premises environments and protects cloud-based workloads in Azure. Veritas Backup Exec helps customers r...

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Useful links for Upgrading Backup Exec

At its most basic, the upgrade procedure for Backup Exec is simply running installation media for the most recent version on an existing Backup Exec server. Backup Exec 15, 16 and 20 can be upgraded to Backup Exec 21 with this method. Article 1000443...

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Local B2D is very slow

I have an isolated department with a single server that backs itself up to disk and then to tape. It's server 2003 r2 sp2 with Backup exec 12.5 sp3. They have 2tb of local disk storage (raid5, in addition to a 200g local OS raid 1) and a 7TB DAS (rai...

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Resolved! Weekly Backup problem

 Hi All. I am running BE 12.5 for Windows Server but every week my Data backup stops. My backup routine is split between System and Data backups all being written to the one DLT tape of 200/400 capacity. During the week the incremental daily backu...

MarcusT by Level 3
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Error Message When Pushing CPS Agent

Hello to All, I have been tasked with picking up the administration of backup jobs, including the CPS granular backups for Microsoft Exchange.  Unfortunately, I have no idea of what my predecessor did or where he left off, so I am starting at Square...

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upgrade error

Having recently installed a new file server in one of our remote offices, I was planning on installing the Remote Agent on the new server while the old server remains the Media Server.  After realizing that the old server was running Backup Exec 10, ...

Resolved! Exchange restore missing message body text

Hello, I just had to perform a restore of the mail store on an exchange 2003 sp2 database after our users lost all of there email. I only restored the mailbox store and not the public folders. It was restored from a full GRT backup to tape. After th...

Resolved! Help to implement Symantec Backup Exec

Hi, I'm new in Symantec so I need some tips/best pratices to implement Symantec Backup Exec. My ideia is create three types of backup to folder, Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Daily will use differential backup, and weekly and monthly will use Full Bac...

Resolved! Backup Exec 2010 with Windows 7

We have downloaded Backup Exec 2010 version. We must install it on Windows 7 Professional PC, but in setup the option on local computer are disable. We have installed BE 2010 on Windows XP-SP3 without problem. What is the reason BE 2010 don't work...

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Restore of Mailbox succeeds but to where?

After many days spent pouring over blogs, articles and forums I succeeded in restoring a single mailbox direct from tape back onto the information store. Hey, big learning curve here! Comes up with "succeeded" in Backup Exec 12.5 console. But when I ...

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backup exec 11d, reinstalling onto a new server

Hey all, I have my current backup exec 11d 7170 installed on one server but I wish to install onto a new server to hold all my current jobs, how do I proceed? I did not see a method to export the current jobs, should I recreate them on the new serve...

decoyboy by Not applicable
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Cannot write to WORM media on Backup Exec 11d

Hello, Please help. I have put 3 blank tapes (WORM media) in the library. Without knowing beforehand to just leave it alone for Backup Exec to pull as needed, I added it to a media set and now it's not overwritable even though I specifically set the...

hyvong by Level 2
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Resolved! Questions about exchange and sql agents

Hello I am trying to install the Backup Exec agents for SQL and Exchange, but I do not see any options that state the agent being installed is for exchange or sql. Am I supposed to have an option for these different agents or is there a different ins...

ntewes by Level 3
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Resolved! Remote Install of DLO failing

Environment: BE 12.5 SP3, running on Windows Server 2008 x64 SP2.  I am trying to perform a Remote Installation of DLO/Advanced Open File Option to Windows 7 x86 laptops.  Laptops also have SEP 11.0.5002.333 installed (including Network Threat Prot...

Requirements to use VMWare Agent in BE 12.5

Do I need anything else beyond just having the VMWare Agent installed on my BE 12.5 Server?  I read somewhere that you need the VCB from VMWare for it to work, but I don't see that anywhere on Symantec's site.  Also, can this agent be used to backup ...

Erase Media

Hello, I have just downloaded the trial version of 2010.  We are currently testing it to see what it can do vs our existing product.  I kicked off a large full backup, about 7TB, and the library ran out of space on the tapes.  I attempted to unlock ...

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Resolved! Backup Exec Server hangs at "Getting Network Configuration"

I recently upgraded from Backup Exec 12.5.  I ran for about 2 weeks on the Trial Version while getting my upgrade licensing straightened around.  I got that straightened around yesterday, entered my serial numbers, and went home for the night.  I cam...

Resolved! Backup Exec - Alert notification

Hi Guy's,                I wonder if somebody can help, Currently we have our Backup Exec 12.5 sending alerts to the group mail box everytime a job has completed. We do require this feature however we have added more devices to the Backup Exec and th...

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Top 20 Most Valued Backup Exec Articles

Here is the list of the top 20 Knowledge Base articles.The list is determined by various factors that prove the article's value to our customers. Therefore, please make it a point to check this list first to see if your issue has already been address...

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