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How to deploy Backup Exec via the AWS Marketplace

How to deploy Veritas Backup Exec on AWS Marketplace.Veritas Backup Exec provides simple, rapid, and secure offsite backup to AWS for your in-house virtual and physical environments and protects cloud-based workloads in AWS. Veritas Backup Exec helps...

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How to deploy Backup Exec via the Azure Marketplace

How to deploy Veritas Backup Exec on Azure Marketplace.Veritas Backup Exec provides simple, rapid, and secure offsite backup to Azure for your on-premises environments and protects cloud-based workloads in Azure. Veritas Backup Exec helps customers r...

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Useful links for Upgrading Backup Exec

At its most basic, the upgrade procedure for Backup Exec is simply running installation media for the most recent version on an existing Backup Exec server. Backup Exec 15, 16 and 20 can be upgraded to Backup Exec 21 with this method. Article 1000443...

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Iomega Rev Drive

We have a Dell Server w/ Windows 2003 server and Backexec ver 9.1. Will Backup Exec support an external Iomega USB Rev Drive? The USB transfer rate is better than the SCSI transfer rate.

a00081d9 - Job Engine System Service Not Responding???

I'm working with a client who has Backup Exec for Windows 9.1 on a Windows Server 2003. A few months ago when this server was put in production, Backup Exec ran just fine.As of about a month ago, every nightly job started failing with the a00081d9 J...

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Administering DLO

Have a question concerning a user who logs into a computer with DLO installed. Since he is part of a security group, a new DLO storage location is created, files are backed up and history is recorded. e.g. DOMAIN\user1 usually sits at computer1, for ...

PATCH 22 Restarts

I am having problem with Patch 22 in that is continuously restarts itself. Anyone know why this is?Thanks

SQL Backup

Using 9.1 on server 2003, when I do a full backup using the SQL check box the logs do not get truncated. Do I need to run a separate backup job for the logs?

installing optional items

I an running BE 9.1 on a Win2k3 server which in turn backs up 3 other win2k3 servers using remote agents. I would like to install the SQL agent for one of the the remote servers (running sql 2000) and the Adnavnce Open File option to be used on alll...

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SP1 Installation Fails

I have a clean install of BE for Windows Servers 9.1 (4691) on Windows Server 2003 and am trying to install SP1. The installation seems to be almost complete when the message "Rolling Back" appears, then the installation fails. Any suggestions would ...

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Deleting old job logs

in my VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\Logs folder there are a ton of huge log files in there that are very old. where in backup exec do i specify for how long those files are kept before they are deleted??? my drive is filling up :(

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Backup starts several hours after job enters running state

Backup Job is scheduled to start at 10:00 PM. At the scheduled time, the job enters the running state, however, actual data backup starts 12 hours later.Exerpt from job log:Job server: RSCDCJob name: RSC Daily FullJob started: Wednesday, January 12,...

Confused about "Client Protection" and "Remote Agents"

Long time user of Cheyenne Arcserve. I recently purchased a used Dell server that came with a DLT tape drive and an unused copy of BE 9.1.My network consists of 2 NT 4.0 servers and a mix of Win98, NT 4.0 Workstation, Win 2K, and XP workstations. I...

Overwrite vs Append

I'm a new consultant of a company. They are using a robotic library with two drive devices. All jobs that are configured to use device drive0 are set to overwrite and for those using drive1, only the first job overwrites, the rest are set to append. ...

elekovic by Not applicable
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Backup SQL server problem

I have recently upgraded from version 8.x to 9.1, and I have now a problem backing up MS SQL 2000. The backup skips all the databases, and produce a error in the log like this:An error occurred on a query to database seil.A SQL Server virtual device ...

Error messages

When attempting to run a backup job, I keep getting this message. Where are the logs indicating what the error message implies and how do I address it?Job started : Thursday, January 13, 2005 8:06:12 AMJob ended : Thursday, January 13, 2...

Larmire by Level 2
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What is the best solution to backing up the data from Notebook?I see the "VERITAS Backup Exec Desktop and Laptop Option". Is this the solution or is possible to setting up Backup Exec to execute the process when the laptop is connect to the network?T...

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BackupExec 8.6 and Exchange 2003

Hi,I currently use BackupExec 8.6 with an Exchange server 5.5 Remote Agent. The network is 2000 AD running in mixed mode. We are in the process of upgrading the exchange server to 2003. Is it possible to purchase a new remote agent for Exchange 20...

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How to restore compress files as uncompressed

Hello!Regarding BackupExec 8.6 on Windows ...I have a situation where an NTFS partition was (erroneously) set to use compression;it was *not* our original intention to use compression (and, to tell youthe true, I'm not quite sure exactly when/how it ...

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Backup job hangs at 'Loading'

We have two jobs..Full Backup which is scheduled to run once per week and Differential which runs other weekdays. Both use same selection set. Full Backup runs OK. Differential hangs at 'Loading' for hours on end and must be aborted. Differential wi...

Backup now fails

My backup has been working fine but now fails. When I put the tape in the machine it no longer works. Used to "chug" backwards and forwards but nothing now.Please help!

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