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How to deploy Backup Exec via the AWS Marketplace

How to deploy Veritas Backup Exec on AWS Marketplace.Veritas Backup Exec provides simple, rapid, and secure offsite backup to AWS for your in-house virtual and physical environments and protects cloud-based workloads in AWS. Veritas Backup Exec helps...

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How to deploy Backup Exec via the Azure Marketplace

How to deploy Veritas Backup Exec on Azure Marketplace.Veritas Backup Exec provides simple, rapid, and secure offsite backup to Azure for your on-premises environments and protects cloud-based workloads in Azure. Veritas Backup Exec helps customers r...

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Useful links for Upgrading Backup Exec

At its most basic, the upgrade procedure for Backup Exec is simply running installation media for the most recent version on an existing Backup Exec server. Backup Exec 15, 16 and 20 can be upgraded to Backup Exec 21 with this method. Article 1000443...

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rdmchugh by Level 1
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Resolved! Exchange Server - two Backup jobs

Hello, On my server I have two different backup jobs. Each one creates a backup of Exchange server with different schedules and I will explain why. First and main backup runs a full exchange backup to an external hard drive on Saturday and then dif...

ravenj by Level 2
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Resolved! SBS2003+Exchange --> GRT Backup auf RDX+überschreiben

Hallo Community! Wir setzen aktuell einen SBS 2003 inkl. Exchange ein. Auf diesem System läuft BE 11d. Bisher wurde als Sicherungslaufwerk ein iomega REV verwendet. Wir machen eine nächtliche Vollsicherung des Systems inkl. GRT Option für den Exchan...

sbs2003 by Level 2
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BE 2012 SP4 Snapshot Error

goodnight  I'm having a weird error in backup exec 2012. I will copy below. Backup exec has SP4 and all hotfixes installed too. I do not know what else to do.   Backup- VRTSRV::\\\Hyper-V?Virtual?Machine\PCUYOBSAP Access deni...

Adamm Mover Error After Upgrading to SP4 on Backup Exec 2012

Since upgrading to sp4 on Backup Exec 2012 I am seeing this error on a couple servers pretty frequently.  Before sp4 I was not seeing this error.   [6484] 05/13/14 15:45:01 Adamm Mover Error: DeviceIo: ndmpSendRequest->connection error to 192.168.3...

clovett by Level 4
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BE2012 - Error E0001402 Consistently #2

I have looked through each of the five KB articles here in reference to the error E0001402. If I go to BE Icon in the top left of the console, configuration and settings, backup exec settings, Oracle, I see the server I'm trying to backup there. That...

RyanJP by Level 3
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Resolved! Many large "fake" backup sets exist in Deduplication folder

I'm running Backup Exec 2012, fully patched, on Windows Server 2008 R2 Std x64. I have one 16.3TB deduplication storage folder. BE was upgraded from v2010 R3 about 6 weeks ago. Today I was poking around in areas of the Backup Exec console that I had...

infomormazioni su licenze

ciao, ho installato un backup exec 2012 trial. Ora vorrei mettere le licenze definitive. Ho un dubbio mettendo le licenze definitive mi chiede il disco di BE2012. Mi reinstalla tutto?   saluti Gianni

Reinigungsjob schlägt fehl

Hallo Community, wir haben gerade das Problem das der Reinigungsjob, welches für den Tapewechsler, eingerichtet ist. Immer fehl schlägt. Wir haben Schacht 8 als Reinigsungsschacht definiert und in diesem ist auch ein entsprechendes Reinigungsband ei...

jwork by Level 3
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Resolved! Backup archive files form disks to LTO tapes

Hi,   We have archive files on external sata drives. Now we want to move archive data from sata disks to LTO tapes (To space up/clear external disks to re-use). This is all i need to do with backup exec. I have Dell PowerVault 144x tape drive and L...

Broken restore job.

I have Backup Exec 2012 on Windows server 2012. I run Restore Files and Folders to different place(another windows server 2012). This Restored files is very big: 5Tb At the and of restoring agent on another server is stopped and I get error:  Job...

Backup Exec without LiveUpdate

I need to deploy antivirus on my file servers, but antivirus client see Symantec LiveUpdate as incompatible with antivirus. If I remove LiveUpdate and install it after deploying antivirus, what troubles can I receive?

Backup Exec automatically backing up newly attached devices

Hi all,   We recently attached a USB drive to one of our servers and for some reason, Backup Exec, which was set to backup partial C: and D:, backed up the newly attached E: without being asked and it has caused us some issues.   Please can you c...

BobMc by Level 3
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Move database file

Is it possible to move the backup exec. DB file to a different drive? Or maybe even just the backup file location? I found an article about using BEUtility but it was for v10. This client has 2012. Thanks Mike

mli7777 by Level 5
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Resolved! Consolidate Backup Sets

I have a 4 tape drive library.  At the moment, the jobs use all the drives, which is good, until I see bunches LTO5 tapes with 20GB or less on them.  Not to fussed with the daily or weekly tapes but this is wasteful for monthly tapes. Is there a way...

Resolved! Exchange 2003 GRT restore failing. BE 2012

Hello, having a problem doing a GRT restore of a user's email box on our in house 2003 exchange server. I get the following error.     Job ended: Monday, May 12, 2014 at 11:21:23 AM Completed status: Failed Final error: 0xe000848c - Unable to at...

mdwdrw by Level 3
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Do I need to re-activate?

Hi I have a total newbie question. We just renewed our licenses and I got an email with keys and instructions on how to activate Backup Exec. However the instructions seem to be for a fresh install, so I am confused. If my Backup Exec server is alrea...

iofhua by Not applicable
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Restore catalog shows only partial list

Backup Exec 2010 R3 SP3. Full backup was successfull, but when do a restore. The resouces only list a partial of home user folders from A* to P* and missing after that. But the same policy used for the incremental shows complete from  A* to Z*. No er...