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be 12.5 media set

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We have a HP StorageWorks 1/8 G2 Tape Autoloader, since i upgraded the firmware of the autoloader, BE 12.5 seems to not recognizing it even though the media are identified in the robotic library slots but are not listed in the media.  and when i issue an inventory, it just sits there, no errors... the media server turn green and off....please advise.  been fighting this for a week now.


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I branched this into its own topic...

So the firmware was upgraded, and now BE doesn't run jobs against it correctly? There are a couple of things you can start with:

1. Upgrade BE 12.5 to the latest service pack and install any of the later patches after it. This just makes sure that BE is patched.

2. Download and install the latest Symantec DDI drivers for the device and install them. Once done, run the Device Configuration Wizard and install the Symantec drivers. Run an inventory again and see what happens.

3. If this fails, restart the library and try again. If you're using Windows Server 2003, make sure that the Removable Storage service (RSM) is stopped and disabled!

4. Completely uninstall the device from BE and Windows, and turn it off before disconnecting the cable from the server. Once done, restart the server and let the OS load. Make sure that the device doesn't show up in Device Manager, and then shut down the server. Reconnect the tape drive, turn it on and let it finish its start-up procedure. Once done, start up the server and install the Symantec drivers again.

5. I have also seen on the forums, and been told by Symantec support, that pausing/unpausing the server in the Devices tab of BE MIGHT sort it out, so give that a try.

Post back with a response.



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tried your suggestion, but after i restarted the server, it still picked up the HP 1/8 G2 Autoloader drivers.  Then i executed the tapeinst.exe again to reload the symantec drivers.


A little history - maybe it will help...

1)  updated the HP autoloader's firmware

2)  removed old tapes and inserted brand new ones

3)  disabled rsm; uninstalled medium changer/tape drive from device manager

4)  shutdown server; shutdown autoloader

4) turned on autoloader/restarted server

5) server installed hp autoloader with hp drivers

6) stopped BES services; run tapeinst.exe to reinstall symantec drivers

7) opened BES, devices shows an old tape drive that is not even on the slot, moved the media to offline.  device shows nothing, slot shows all 8 new lto4; media location shows all 8 lto4 are online

8) run an import and is still sitting under queue.  what am i doing wrong.....


please advise.



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Try repairing the BEDB.  Go to the BE installation directory and use BEUtility to do so.

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Have you checked your tape library eventlogs for any errors?

Is your library is going offline if you initiate an inventory on it?

Is your robot able to move tapes from library slots to drive?


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Umm? why are you running an import job if the tapes are already in the slots - Import is to move a tape from mailslot to storage slot and it probably will sit in the queue if you don't have an import/mail slot in your library or don't have a tape in the import/mail slot.