be 2012 mixed environment

i am using BE 2010 R3 currently to backup SQL 2008 db and other 2008 machines.

we will be deploying a new machine, running windows 2012, and SQL server 2014.  will my current BE version be able to accomodate the new machine?


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Hi, No...BE 2010 R3 doesn't



No...BE 2010 R3 doesn't support either of them. You'd need to upgrade to BE 2014 (soon-to-be BE 2015) in order to support those applications.

If you have active maintenance you'd simply download the trialware and request new license keys. Upgrade the media server, and push-install the RAWS agent updates out to your remote servers.

Make sure you've checked out the new BE 2014/2015 interface and how it works.



Just as an FYI BE 15 was

Just as an FYI BE 15 was released on Monday