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Welcome to the Backup Exec Blog! Here you will hear the latest news and views from the Backup Exec product team.

Blog Articles

Veritas System Recovery 21.1 is Now Available!

Veritas System Recovery delivers superior backup and disaster recovery for servers, desktops, and laptops with a single unified solution that enables businesses to recover from downtime or disasters i...


Available Now: Backup Exec™ 15 Feature Pack 4

Only a few months have passed since our last feature pack became available for Backup Exec and today, we are happy to announce the availability of Veritas™ Backup Exec 15 Feature Pack 4. Feature Pack ...


Another NEW feature in Backup Exec 15 FP3.

What is it? Provides a single place on the home page where all the configuration issues along with the possible corrective action is listed. How does it help me? Allows the backup administrator to vie...


Introducing Backup Exec FP3

Continuing with our cadence of delivering regular product updates to our customers and partners, we are excited to announce the availability of Backup Exec 15 Feature Pack (FP) 3. Feature Pack 3, avai...


Introducing Google Cloud Storage for Backup Exec 15

Backup Exec Cloud Connector for Google Cloud Storage Public clouds like the Google Cloud Platform offer compelling advantages to organizations looking to implement agile IT for improved availability a...


Introducing the Backup Exec Cloud Connector

We are excited to introduce the Backup Exec Cloud Connector for Backup Exec 15 Feature Pack 1 expanding the Hybrid Cloud capabilities with improved off-site options for reduced cost and risk. It's Tim...


New! Veritas™ Capacity Assessment Tool

We are excited to announce the NEW Veritas™ Capacity Assessment Tool. As partners and end users move to a simpler Capacity-base licensing model, the Veritas™ Capacity Assessment Tool is designed to ea...