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Backup Exec
Welcome to the Backup Exec Blog! Here you will hear the latest news and views from the Backup Exec product team.

Blog Articles

Backup Exec — the first step to ransomware resiliency

In the last couple of years, ransomware has become a significant cybersecurity threat. According to the 2018 Security Risk report by Ponemon Institute, over 50 percent of small and medium businesses (...


#Ransomware: Don't Put Yourself In That Position

"Prevention is better than cure,” but recovery is better than blackmail. Despite the best efforts of so many organisations to implement good quality security software and processes, ransomware is an i...


Enjoy your stay: Access is denied

"One of Europe's top hotels has admitted they had to pay thousands in Bitcoin ransom to cybercriminals who managed to hack their electronic key system, locking hundreds of guests out of their rooms un...