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cache file size in backup AOFO store folder ? Help me !

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the hard disk configruation in my server is shown as follow.

Drive C (system)
size : 30GB
free : 23.6 GB

Drive D (data and program)
size : 180GB
free : 148GB

What is the size of cache file in Backup AOFO store for complete backup of Drive D's data ?

I setup a daily backup job to backup all files in Drive C and D in one bckup job task.

I experience a problem, if i select more data in Drive D to be backuped up in the backup job. As a result, the server will become no responding at console. In order to resume normal operation of the server, i need to cold boot the server. After that, the vertias 10.x will show "the bacup job is failed.".

How can I fix the problem above ? Can anybody help me ?

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You can refer to the following technote for he explaination about Cache file:

How does Advanced Open File Option calculate static volume size and location with Backup Exec 9.x and 10.x?


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