calcul de sauvegarde



A combien, estimez vous le temps de sauvegarde moyenne de 1,08To sur bande ?

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This is very situational and

This is very situational and dependent on the enviornment and data that you are backing up.


Lots of small files mean the

Lots of small files mean the drive will not reach the maximum write speed. So it could take hours to do so. Backing up lots of large files like databases means the data streams much faster (to the point of maximum speed for your LTO drive)...the only way to see is to run a backup.

Backing up to disk first and then duplicating to tape would be beneficial as you would then be duplicating larger files to tape, and also have faster restores on disk.



pour plus de precision   un

pour plus de precision


un soir j'ai eu un serveur qui a exploser les statistiques :

total a sauvagarder : 760 Go

fichier  : 809 749

Repertoires : 96 300


Un soir  le serveur, il a mis 7h30min avec un debit de  1950 Mo/min

maintenant il se trainent avec 13h40min avec un debits de 995,13 Mo/min


peut-on m'apporter des precisions a cette differences!!!!!!!!!!