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can't delete old media server

Level 3
Does anyone know how to manually remove an old media server from the CASO? One of our media servers crashed and I had to rebuild it. I used the same name. After installing backup exec to it, I now get this message constantly:

The central administration server is denying a communications attempt from managed media server SERVERNAME because it has the same name as an existing managed media server, although its properties are different.

I've seen this error before and fixed it by going to the Media Servers tab and deleting the old media server. However, when I do that now, it doesn't work. It doesn't give me an error either. I hit delete and it just doesn't work. I've rebooted both servers many times.

So is there a way to force it or do it manually inside the database?

Level 3
Nobody has any idea?? Smiley Sad