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cannot restore mails from first storage group with Backup Exec 12.0

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I work for 2 years now with Backup Exec V.12.0 sp4 installed on a win2003 R2 Standard. I just wanted to perform a restore test and remarked that there is nothing under "First Storage Group" -> "Mailbox Store"  when I choose de source.

Exchange agent is well installed on the exchange server, which is an exchange 2003 running on another Windows 2003 server.
Backup runs without error every day and in the selection everything is marked about the exchange server (drives with exchange and logs folders, shadow components, first storage group...)

do you have any idea why when I want to restore a mail I don't see anything in the selection under "First Storage Group" -> "Mailbox Store", as if it was empty?
I have checked the backup log and have seen that 13 Go where backuped. (150 mailboxes from 10 to 80 Mb)

I haven't find any topic related to this kind of issue in the different forum I have read.

Thanks a lot for your help,


Level 2
Hi Daniel,

Please let us know whether the backup was taken on disk or on tape.