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cant delete Backupsets from managed Server

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we use a setup with two BE servers in two different offices one location is the main office there we have the CASO server and in the other location is the BE server a MMS with shared deduplication store. We backup at first step to the local Dedupstore and in the next step duplicate the backupsets to the main office as well to a DeDupstore. So far so good, but now we figured out that we cant delete backupsets from teh managed server either on the managed server or on the Caso server. With delete do I mean that I expire the backupsets manually and than after a short time BE ussally removes the backupset from the view and later while the dedupprocessqueue from the storage.

I had checked the status of the Caso server, reinstalled/repair the BE on the managed server, reorganized and shrink both dedupstores, tested the bevaivior with standard diskbased storages - with the same result-

so if someone would have an idea, what I could do or what it could be,

Many Thanks in advanced,

BE Sever Version: 14.2 Rev. 1180
Administrative Console: 14.2 Rev. 1180.1162
on Windows 2012r2 server