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cataloging Data Domain running for days

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i am trying to run catalog from Data Domain and it has run for days and still shows 0 bytes and status says Active: Queued

it is setup as DDboost storage and using DDboost plugin from EMC, i can do an Inventory and it is online and shows total bytes and used bytes from the Data Domain storage, but starting catalog job it just stays there  doing nothing as far as i can see, sometimes i see Status gooing from Active: Queued to Active:  Loading media for second or so.

there is about 300TB of backup data so i know this will take time but should i not see some process or is there an log file that i can check and see what has been readind into catalog?









Level 3

Hello Ingvar,

Can you please let us know why we are running catalog operation on Data Domain, is previous catalogs are deleted ? or are you building a new BE server ?

Also based on above questions you may select or deselect "Use storage media-based catalogs" by performing the following steps which may help you to run catalogs successfully :-

1. In Backup Exec, click on The Backup Exec button |  Configuration and Settings  | Backup Exec Settings  | select Catalog.
2. In the right-hand pane, uncheck the option " Use storage-based catalogs."
Deselecting the option Use storage-based catalogs creates a new catalog and all the files on the tape are read file-by-file to create a new catalog. For additional information refer to the Related Documents section.

Explanation of 'Use storage-based catalogs' (Fast Cataloging) option  :

When the "Use storage media-based catalogs" check box is selected, Backup Exec is able to read the catalog information that is on the media. This allows the catalog operation to complete much faster as it is not reading each file on the media to build a new catalog. This option reduces the size of the catalogs considerably.

After the catalogs have been truncated, the files and directories cannot be restored unless the media is recataloged. If the check box is not selected during a catalog operation, all files on the tape must be read file-by-file to create a new catalog.

Having the option cleared is very useful when cataloging media written by other backup software applications, such as ArcServe. When running a catalog operation with this check box not selected, it is normal that the procedure will take a long time to complete. The catalog procedure may take as long or longer than the time it took to record the backup job operation.

If a particular backup job spanned more than one tape, clearing this option also allows you to catalog one of the tapes independently without requiring the other tapes. Backup Exec will catalog the particular tape only.

Refer this technote for more clarification :-
What is the "Use storage media-based catalogs" option in Backup Exec for Windows Servers (BEWS) and what are the effects of clearing this check box?