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changement de support intempestif


J'utilise backup exec sur un lecteur de bande à 16 cassettes.
J'ai créé plusieurs jeux de support (un par jour de la semaine) afin de faire mes sauvegardes sur une bande différentes tous les jours.
Parfois, backup exec change tout seul le jeu de support auquel appartient une cassette et la sauvegarde se fait alors sur la mauvaise cassette.

Comment faire pour empécher backup exec de changer le jeu de support.

Merci pour vos réponses
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I am using Google Translate

I am using Google Translate so I may not understand your question properly.

You are backing up different resources, files, Exchange, etc. and you would like the backups to use different sets of tapes.  However, sometimes your backup takes tapes from the wrong set of tapes.

This happens when a job needs an overwriteable tape and there is no overwriteable tape available in the target media set.  Instead of failing your job, it takes an overwriteable tape from another media set.  This is by design.

You should make sure that you have sufficient tapes in the targeted media set for your job to complete or change the overwrite protection period of the targeted media set.

You can prevent jobs from taking tapes from other media sets by partitioning your tape library so that each medis set has its own partition.  However, note that in this situation, if the job run out of tapes, it will fail.

thank you for answer

I dont have a very good english so sorry for mistake.

I'm backing up one resource (NAS)
But I use a different set of tapes for different day of week (monday, tuesday, ...)

I have five tapes in my tapes drive. One tape is sufficient to record one day (with compression)
In backup exec, I make different media set for each day of week.
Sometime, backup exec change alone the media set of one tape :for example,  the tape of monday, witch belong of monday media set, change alone and go in the tuesday media set.
So my recovery of tuesday is make in the tape of monday.

As I said, check that the

As I said, check that the tapes in the target media set can be overwritten.  In your example, if your Tue. media set does not have a tape to overwrite, BE will take a tape from the other media set, in this case Mon., so that the job can completely.  To understand why Mon. tapes are used, you got to check the tapes in the Tue. media set and the job log.