cleaning tape not recognized

Backup 11d SP3 6235   windows server 2003

I have just put in a new cleaning tape into slot 8 (cleaning slot) and BE does not show the tape being there. I put the tape into slot 7 and it shows it. I Changed the tape type to CLN and that does not help. I tried to associate the tape to Cleaning tapes but it does not have that as a selection?  Why is it not showing in slot 8 but it shows in slot 7 (currently shows in scratch tape)


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Does the cleaning slot

Does the cleaning slot actually show in the device list in backup exec? I have a cleaning slot designated on my tape drive however, because it's dedicated as a cleaning slot it's not recognized by backup exec as a valid slot for a tape. I was under the impression that designating a cleaning slot on the tape library itself essentially takes the slot out of availability and all cleaning duties are handled by the library itself and not backup exec. I think the bad part about this "theory" of mine is that backup exec will not recognize when the library cleans the drives and it will keep adding time to the "hours since last cleaning" attribute. 

Yes the slot does show in BE

Yes the slot does show in BE and the old tape did show up in BE in slot 8. This tape when I put it into slot 8 it does not show a tape there and when I do a scan on slot 8 it still doesn't show. I think for some reason BE is not recognizing the tape as a cleaning tape. It showinf it as a regular scratch tape.


Have you enabled slot 8 as a

Have you enabled slot 8 as a cleaning slot by checking cleaning slot in the properties of slot 8?  See below


Yes Slot 8 is set as the cleaning slot.

The previous cleaning tape worked in this slot just fine. Like I said in my previous post. BE is not recognizing the tape as a cleaning tape. I have set the tape type to CLN and it still does not recognize it. It does not even show the tape in slot 8 when I move it there. How can I get BE to recognize a tape as a cleaning tape?


This is a shot in the dark

This is a shot in the dark but, have you tried inventorying the cleaning tape? I've actually had issues where a cleaning tape wasn't recognized by a scan alone but for some reason after an inventory it came up as a CLN tape. This actually has happened twice with HP cleaning media.

What type of device?

...and are you using Barcode Labels?

Does the device have a web-interface and does it see the tape in the slot?

I think I figured it out.

I have a Dell 124T PowerVault robotic library.

First. Thank you "Khue" for the Inventory suggestion . that got BE to recognize the tape as a cleaning tape. When I moved the cleaning tape into slot 8 an did a scan it still did not display the tape as being in slot 8. Slot 8 showed empty. So... I had to go into BE and unchecked the check mark that said this was the cleaning slot. Then I went into the web access to the tape drive and unchecked the "AUTO Clean" check box. I then moved the cleaning tape into slot 8 and did a scan. It now appears in BE in slot 8. I then went back to the web access and rechecked the "AUTO Clean" check box and then went back to BE and checked slot 8 as being the cleaning slot. Just waiting to see what happens next. Hopefully everything stays good.


Re: I think I figured it out.

I ran into the same issue but instead of doing what Mnjoe did I simply right-clicked slot 8>properties>

and noticed that Max # of cleanings was at 0 (this was brand new cleaning tape ) and changed it to 20.


It immediately recognized it.