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dlo user data always encrypted

I'm trying to set up DLO 2010R2 to NOT encrypt user's data when it is backed up to the network.

I have disabled encryption under tools->options and also in the selection list under the profile.

I am able to restore encrypted files using the recovery password but i would like to disable encryption completely.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Udic,

First please refer to the technote " " and ensure that the Encryption is disabled from the User tab in the Profile.

After confirming if you are still seeing the Encryption then please refer to the following technote which addresses this issue. : When viewing backed up files in the Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) Network User Data Location (NUDF), user files appear to be encrypted, even when encryption is turned off.





Hello Sush, The encryption is

Hello Sush,

The encryption is disabled and i can see from the client side that for the selection list it is disabled and grayed out so the end user cannot change it.

As per the second technote - delta and compression are both disabled by policy and still the files are encrypted for sure on the NUDF.

I'm doing a simple backup of BMP files in folder c:\backup . I'm unable to directly open the files on the dlo server unless i do emergency restore with recovery password.