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Hello All!

This is my first post so go easy one me. I am having an issue with Backup Exec 12.5 not recognizing my tape autoloader. Here is what I have.

Server: HP ProLiant ML 570 G4

Tape Library: 1/8 G2 TAPE AUTOLOADER ULTRIUM 920 connected via SCSI

OS: Windows server 2003 SP2

Backup exec: 12.5

I have gone through all the steps in BE to set up a robotic library and have been unsuccessful. All drivers, software, and firmware is up-to-date. I have restarted all services, autoloader and server multiple times with multiple configurations. Device manager recognizes my device. HELP!!! I have no idea what to try next. I did check the compatibility list and my autoloader is on there so I know for sure it is compatible.


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During the installation of Backup Exec have you selected the option of "Enable Robotic Library support"...??


Go to TOOLS>> INSTALL OPTIONS AND LICENSE KEYS.... click Next... Next... come to the page where it gives options to select various features and agents and options.

At this page make sure that the "Enable Library support is selected"... complete the installation and then see of the Autoloader is shown in Backup Exec or not.




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In device manager is the auto changer regognosed as Unknown medium changer device?

Otherwise BE will not detect the library. Also make sure that RSM service is stopped and disabled.