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e000035e error

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I just joined a new organization and has been tasked to handle the backup environment.  I am not new to handling backups btw.  My exchange backup(this is an excisting policy) ran good for a couple of days. The last couple of days, my daily incremental backups started failing with the above error code. I have read some articles about this error and these are what I have done;

I have made sure that antivirus doesn't scan the folders/files being used by BE. Just could not find the url now.

AOFO is not being used.

There are no other backup utility running.

Both my incremental and full selection lists are exactly the same.


The server is on Server 2008 R2. BE is 2010 R3.


What else can I try?  I have not tried creating a new policy/bkup job.  Should I give this a try?



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You can try repairing the BEDB using Beutility. It makes no changes but does require a services restart so bear that in mind.

I've recreated jobs in the past as there seemed to be some sort of corruption, so that's worth a try.

Also make sure the media server is fully patched with all available patches on LiveUpdate, and that these have been push-installed to your remote servers.


Level 3

I can not run Beutility during the day.

I will create a new policy/backup job on Friday to run a full on the weekend. If this runs good, I will create a new incremental backup job. My last full backup ran for almost 12 hours.

I ran Liveupdate and it didn't find anything except for suggesting to update to backupExec 15.