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e00084f3 - The block size being used is incorrect.

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We have IBM Half-High LTO Generation 2 SCSI Tape Drive offers externally connected to server and we have two LTO Ultrium 2 tape drives connected to the server IBM xSeries 255 Servers running Windoes 2003.

We are receiving the error "e00084f3 - The block size being used is incorrect." while we are backing the data in IBM Half-High LTO Generation 2 drive.

Could you please suggetst how to go about this..


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Check this technote.

I hope this would help

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This error may occur due to following reasons:

1. Contaminated read/write heads of the tape device.

2. Bad Media.

3. Tape Driver.

4. SCSI bus timeout.

5. Tape device or tape device drivers related issue.

6. When media from a different tape device and/or different backup software is used with Backup Exec for Windows server.
Please follow the following in order to resolve the issue further:

1. Try cleaning the device used Use the manufacturer manual for cleaning instructions.

2. Replace the media used. Use new media.

3. Disable removable storage (RSM) service. In most of the cases, it has been seen that VERITAS device driver does not work properly with RSM. Please refer to the following technote:

4. The Tape Drive is installed on a RAID controller. Please move this off to it's own standard SCSI controller for proper functionality with the device.

5. Install latest Veritas device drivers

6. Perform an Inventory operation and try to perform a test backup job

Thank You,


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Had this problem with an IBM DDS Gen5 SCSI tape drive, simply rolling the driver back (from Veritas driver) to OEM (IBM) driver resolved it for me.