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error: V-79-57344-41984 of Backup Exec 2012

Hello Jason, I'm IT manager in Italy and I'm trying to use the virtualization features of Backup exec 2012.

When I try to convert a physical machine to a virtual machine the system give me the error V-79-57344-41984.

The description of this error (I have BE 2012 in italian language and I will try to translate in english the message) is:

"the process is aborted with the following error:  unable to create the virtual computer, is requested standby for the warm conversion"

Can you help me ?

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Hi,   Seems to be an issue in



Seems to be an issue in another forum topic:

Head on over to the Known Issues section in this forum and check to see if this has been reported already. If so, hit the vote button to add your issue.

If you have support with Symantec, it might be worth your while to open a support case with them. If they assist you in finding a solution, just report back here with an update to close it off.


Hello Pat,

Are you getting this error while running the P2V job (simultaneous conversion) or while running B2V (first backup to disk and then convert to virtual) job ?

If its during P2V then can you check if B2V is working. Also during conversion are there any errors in the VI editor when its actually trying to create  the Virtual Machine on ESX?




Itried both P2V and B2V,

Itried both P2V and B2V, doesn't works, same error

I just downloded trial

I just downloded trial version to evaluate symantec . I had received the same error.  Still my problem resolved.  Within 30 day I will have to purchase it.

Any solutions is highly appreciated.



Guys: With BE 2012 SP1a out,

Guys: With BE 2012 SP1a out, have you looked at downloading it and installing it to see if this resolves the issue?

Problem not resolved after service pack 1 updation

My symantec verion : ver 14 rev 1798 . It is updated with service pack 1.

Still I am receiving the problem.


ec ver 14 rev 1798