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error message e000e020

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we're using backup exec 11 and the backup up missed and show the following message:
e000e020 - The job was scheduled to run, but the availability window closed before the job could start. There may not have been any destination devices available during the window, or the job may have been submitted to run when the window was closed.
i've tried to increase the time for "start no earlier than and no  later than" but it didn't help.
are there anythingelse i should try.


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Make sure that you have overwritable or appendable media available when the job runs.

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Hi, we hare having the same issue at several sites. We have verified overwritable or appendable media is available. Any other ideas?

Level 3
Apparently it's associated with Daylight Savings Time.
Other similar posts say it's been a problem since v 8.0.
As we are experiencing the same thing, all jobs failing
with the e000e020 message, I've been looking for a
solution, too. All I've been able to glean from the forums
is to reschedule jobs to a one time run, then change it
back to a regular repeating schedule after it runs the
one time.
I will try that tonight because I can't be re-running failed
jobs every morning.

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All my jobs ran as scheduled last night
without problem. This is the first successful
run since DST kicked in. I have returned
to a regular schedule for all recurring
jobs. Not a good use of my time but
until the DST issue is corrected it will
be necessary.

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Hi, I'm in the UK and we changed to DST over the weekend. We too found our servers missed the backups last night.
Can I confirm, if I set the backups to a 'one time' run for tonight and this is successful. I then set back to a repeat schedule and this should solve the problem going forward?

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Also in the UK and had the same problems after the DST change.  I changed the time window in the policies I use then changed it back and saved the templates.  I then restarted all BE services and the backup jobs ran OK.  Hopefully that'll be the end of it until the next time DST changes...


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As a note, the DST change continues to be a problem for BE (using 12 SP2 and just discovered that SP3 did not auto-install...). Although roughly half of my overall backup jobs run, I have had the same problems with nearly all backups that would run more than 1 hour. (My backup job start times are showing 1 day earlier than scheduled.)


Unless SP3 fixes the problem, I would continue to set the first backups after a DST change to Run at a specified time and date rather than leave the schedule as-is.

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Thx a lot for info