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export data from symantec 14 for veritas 20.3

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i have symantec 2014 in win 2012  i want to export data to veritas 20.3

all servers and jobs in 2014 to 20.3



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You can upgrade BE 2014 directly to 20.x.

See : Step by Step Upgrade from Backup Exec 2014 onwards to Backup Exec 20.x

If it's OK, I'd like to piggy back into this question.

I've never seen a process that talks about upgrading versions when they are clustered. I've heard before that this is a rare config. I assume the process is basically to break the cluster, upgrade both nodes and then recluster? 

Also, at a couple of sites we have have corrupted installs and will have to uninstall v15, and reinstall to version 20, What files do we need to copy from the cluster to hopefully keep the job history and current job setup? 

Finally, I'm having a heck of a time getting the Exported data key to import on a new clustered install. The answer to the question from another person was to copy the DEK file to the data folder, but clustered version doesn't have a data folder. Does this mean I need to copy that file over to the primary server before I cluster it?

Thanks in advance