how to create best job backup BE 2012

Hi,i have no idea to create job backup i don't have knowledge for be 2012 product ,my boss assigned backing up all window server to me ,i'm try to download BE2012 for a test but not found trial version,

my problem is my boss need to change backup structure ,in the past only backup to robotic tape ,now add NAS storage to duplicate job backup ,when i insert job diff to disk on job backup to tape it not work, how to create diff backup to disk ? 



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For setting up  duplicate

For setting up  duplicate backup job refer

If you want to backup multiple server you can create server groups .


Try the admin guide & this link -

Backup Exec 2012 - where to find manuals, videos and trainings.


And instead of BE 2012, I

And instead of BE 2012, I would recommend you download and use BE 2014.


thank you for suggestions ,it

thank you for suggestions ,it help me so much