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how to restore Backup Exec files from Iomega Zip disks

I'm trying to figure out how to restore Backup Exec files from some old Zip disks. The files were recorded around 2000; I imagine the version of Backup Exec used was something like 4.2? I haven't been able to find any copies of Bakup Exec that might have been current then. Any suggestions or leads would be much appreciated!

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Re: how to restore Backup Exec files from Iomega Zip disks

Versions in use back then would have been 7.3, 8.0, and 8.5 or possibly something slightly older.  Don't know where you could find those.

Re: how to restore Backup Exec files from Iomega Zip disks

I vaguely remember (before I started working at Veritas/Symantec) that there may have been a product bundled with home PC products that had Backup Exec branding - however if there was such a product I suspect it was supported by the PC hardware vendor and not directly our own tech support team and would have been outside the historical chain of Backup Exec versions as used on servers in corporate environments. (Note: I am not thinkig  of Backup Exec QuickStart which was bundled with tape drives and server hardware, my distant memory is of something that home users ended up with)

Assuming you have  ZIP drive that can read the ZIP-disks and can be attached to a current operating system, does the file system contain .BKF files. If it does then I'd suggest:

Download and install a trailware of Backup Exec 16 onto a supported server (download from

Within Backup Exec 16 configure a Disk storage device on a fixed disk, NOT on the  ZIP disk

Copy the BKF files from the ZIP disk into the folder for this disk storage device.

Inventory and Catalog the disk storage device and the see what shows up in backup sets and/or restore selections (if looking at restore selections make sure the date filter is changed)

If this process does not work (or BKF files are not involved) then I doubt there is much we can do.