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incremental job

Level 6

Hi guys,
Can some one tell me how can my backup job that should run an incremental backup, on its own decided to run a full backup of some of the servers in the job? 

We have a job that sohlud run a full backup once a 3 month and after that should only run a incermental backup, there has not been any changes on the folders and files rights or scan by AV. This job must backup 8 servers, but last night 3 of the servers haven been backup incrementaly and other 5 servers being fully backed up.

Any idea how this can happens? we have BE 21.0



I think some programs are changes the archive bit of file.

Any other backup jobs ?

There is other job on the same folders that run a diffrential backup.

We did not have this issue before even with the diff job!!



Is it possible that because we running the incremental job for almost 3 month a full job will be forced? 

Level 2

BE defaults to full backups when it can't do incremental for whatever reason.

Something probably got corrupted in in your job so BE will run fulls until you recreate the job.

I had a weekly job that had the same issue.