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installing backup exec agent on win2k3

Level 4
Hi All

we are usingbackup exec 8.6 for backing up data and sql db's from win2k boxes

now i need to backup win2k 3

1) can we install teh backup exec agent nt/2000 on win2k3

if yes are there any special services to be started

Pls guide


Level 6
You MAY get the v8.6 RAWS to install on W2K3, but I doubt it Officially you need v9.0.4454 to support that OS

Even if you do get it to install, you would be limited to user data and databases. You would not be able do any kind of system backup

Level 4

okay so if I go by what you say , since we have to use disaster recovery plannning too

ot wuld be best to upgrade 8.6 to -> 9.xor 10

whihc is stable version in 9.x series

how do i go abt upgrade is it simple process ?
we are currently using backup exec 8.6 ( backup for B2d folders)

will it be smooth upgrade?also

alos pls guide me how do iplan for disaster planning( using intelligent disaster recovery) for 2 win2k3 servers

one running jsp(tomcat) and other oracle


Level 6
v9.x is no longer sold by Veritas. v10 is the current version

You can probably find some v9.0 or v9.1 serials (they both use the same serials) on EBay or one of the other Auction sites. I'm not convinced that v10 offers much over v9.1 myself. About the only thing that would tempt me is the Synthetic backup feature. If you do a fulls and Incrementals, Synthetic will produce a file based on the last full and any later incrementals so that you only have to do one restore to get back to where you were.

Upgrade from v8 to v9 should be no problem. You will need to re-install any Remote Agents that may already be installed on W2K servers or workstations.

Personally, I've never used IDR. The gain in recovery time is not that great compared to manually recovering, and I've seen WAAAAAAY too many problems reported here on the Forums to trust them.

Level 4

Thanks for thr info

so this means best option is to upgrade to 10.x for agents on win2k3 backup
even i a hven't used intelligent disaster recovery as yet

i am looking for using this on a client demand

he wants complete recovery plan
for web server : win2k3 , apache tomcat and application data

db server : oracl8i , only one db, and some data

Please guide me if there are some other better optiopns

we need system state recovery features so thats y we were looking for IDR
data abd db backup can be taken individually too but
if OS crashes then how to bring the applications status back is tough ...